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Project Overview

Current micro-mobility services have a high barrier to entry, do not adequately address road-safety concerns, and lack a unified experience.

How can we help users of micro-mobility services more easily see available vehicles in their area, map out best routes, and feel more comfortable on the roads?


Competitor Analysis

We reviewed existing micro-mobility competitors with various features on their mobile apps.

These features included real-time vehicle availability information, trip planning and navigation, safety features, in-app payment options, ride tracking, and in-app feedback.

By offering these features, micro-mobility companies are improving the user experience and making it easier for people to adopt and use alternative modes of transportation.

User Research

The qualitative research method was chosen as the most reliable method to achieve the following research objectives:

• Uncover participants' attitudes towards and thought processes around utilizing micro-mobility services.

• Understand the process, and tools participants use for accessing information about what micro-mobility services are in their area/available.

Research questions were aimed at learning about users' interests, goals, and desires related to micro-mobility services.

User surveys and interviews effectively collected in-depth information about people’s opinions, thoughts, experiences, and feelings when using micro-mobility services.

Research Analysis/ Affinity Diagram

User Insights

Insight 1


Users are concerned about safety and understanding of streets.

Insight 2

High barriers to entry

Users want easier access to micro-mobility services with low barriers to entry.

Insight 3


Users prioritize cost-effective transportation.

Empathy Map


I have to juggle all these different apps, subscriptions, and payment methods! I just want to find a ride and hop on.


Frazzled from juggling multiple micro-mobility apps and keeping track of payment methods/subscriptions.


Forced into using ride-share apps like Lyft/Uber when in a rush and checking for micro-mobility options while mapping the route is taking too long, which defeats the purpose of trying to reduce carbon footprint and save money.


It would be nice if he could plan a route that is customized for micro-mobility options so he feels prepared to embark on his trip.

User Persona

Daniel Howard, 32
Queens, NY
Student teacher

😫 Pains

• Doesn’t like to depend on public transportation services

• Doesn’t feel safe riding subways at night

• Has to travel to school and work from home but can’t access a common subway line

🥹 Wants

• ...to avoid taking subways when he goes to work

• ...to have high mobility and not to be limited to public transportation routes

• ...to have convenient transportation options

🧐 Interests

• Cares about fitness/exercise; enjoys working out

• Enjoys exploring NYC

• Cares about the environment/climate change

Feature Prioritization

Selecting a Device

• See mileage of specific device

• Battery life %

• One place to find all the app services information

Routing a Path

• Route mapping feature

• Encouragement to use protected bike lanes for safety

• Route customization to feel prepared to embark on their ride

User Profile

• User profile that tracks environmental impact and calories burned

• Unified payment system

• Summary of your accounts with different services

User Flow

Low/Mid Fidelity Wireframes

Mid-Fidelity Usability Testing

Testing Goals

• Understand how users interact with the product.

• Assess how well can users choose and unlock a nearby micro-mobility service and navigate a route that exclusively uses protected bike paths?

• Gather honest user feedback to identify potential application issues.

Usability Testing Results

Style Guide

High Fidelity Mockups

High Fidelity Prototype

Measuring Succcess


App Downloads

How many users decide to download uniCycle


Click-Through Rate

How many users download uniCycle through our website


Active Users

How many users use uniCycle to reserve rides daily, weekly and monthly



How much commission is received from external brands when users are using their devices through uniCycle


In-App Feedback

How often users use our in-app feedback system to quickly rate their ride experience


Conversion Rate

How many users actually reserve a ride after opening uniCycle for the first time